Rise of the Runelords

Adventuring Party - Initial

the first round of bodies

The following player characters have been determined to be in the town of Sandpoint at the time of the Swallowtail Festival

Messi – elven rogue – Jerry
Val – elven ranger – Kevin
Mykel – human wizard – Chris
Ironbottom – dwarven fighter – Billy Bob
Chong – Human Cleric – Scott
Var – human Cleric of Pharasma – Kendall
Judamon – human druid – Dane
Grunt – half-orc fighter – Blake
Novenia – human bard – Steven

[DM Note: Once you have determined who or what your character is, please send me your character sheet and background to my gmail address for review. If you want to change from what is here, that is fine, just let me know. Having a bard and monk could be,…well, interesting – you may want to rethink]

[Yes, there is new blood in this campaign, a couple with minimum DnD experience. I thought that we were due]

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Obviously, I’d like to see a balanced party. I would expect to see the wizard, cleric, rogue, fighter types as a base. With 6+ PCs, there should be at least another fighter type (such as a monk would qualify). Of course, this is just me talking, not my party.

Adventuring Party - Initial

Yes, indeed, very original, a halfling rogue. Perhaps you should name him something like Filbo, Dildo, or Frito? That would be great, also. We can talk about recommended feats and skills if you’d like, as a rogue is one of my favorites. Yes, even the halfling race option.

Adventuring Party - Initial

I decided to work on a druid instead of a monk, just to be less difficult. But still be difficult.

Adventuring Party - Initial

Druid is good, also provides some backup healing. Not that you’ll need it…

Adventuring Party - Initial

My current plan is the Halfling rogue, but if no one else bellies up with a fighter I may just bring one of those. I’m not overly attached and can have just as much fun swinging a barn as I can toothpicks.

Though a halfling barbarian with oversized weapons feat…

Adventuring Party - Initial

After stating out some fighters, I decided it was something that was more interesting to me, especially for the first time playing, just going ‘ok, I punch the thing to death’ is a bit more straight forward than being a skill based char trying to fiddle with tricks and such.

Especially since we already have another rogue, and you can never have enough fighters.

Adventuring Party - Initial

Woo hoo, another fighter = more hold persons? Chris, Scott – How about a couple wizards or a wizard and sorceror?

Adventuring Party - Initial

Here is a copy of my monster miniatures:


Adventuring Party - Initial
jrpettit scott_macke_18

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