Rise of the Runelords

Murders, Mayhem, and the Misgivings (aka Foxglove Manor)

A Haunting We Will Go

Because the Sheriff was so busy, he asked you to investigate a murder, or in this case two sets of murders. He deputizes all of you so that there won’t be any question from the locals about you snooping around.

You check out the murder scene. It’s gruesome. One female body, Katrine Vinder, is found cut in half by the log splitter. The other one, Banny Harker found was mutilated with the seven-pointed Sihedron star carved into his chest. Oh yeah, his face was cut off, along with his jaw removed. A bloodied hand axe was found at the scene. The overpowering stench of death was apparent at the scene, along with muddy footprints to and from the sight.

You talked to the father of the girl, Ven Vinder, the owner of the general store. He was upset, rightly so. Also, there was Ibor Thorn, one of the two operators of the sawmill. During the investigation, you found out that Harker was “cooking the books,” stealing money from the Scarnetti’s, the family that owned the sawmill. They looked suspicious, but it turns out not related. The three bodies from the first murders were overshadowed by the Sihedron stars carved into their chests.

Setting out to visit the crazed body guard of the first murders, you discover that the thug had gotten ghoul fever. At this insane asylum, the Saintly Haven of Respite, Doctor Erin Habe, formerly of Magnimar, was a bit reluctant to let you see the crazy victim. Habe’s sanitorium only had two other “patients,” neither of which were very helpful. You eventually killed Grayst Sevilla, the insane ghoulized criminal bodyguard.

Investigating the Hambley farm revealed multiple ghouls, along with ghouls mounted as scarecrows. Oh yeah, and there were those two farmers infected with ghoul fever that you murdered for the public benefit. Just because you didn’t have a simple little third level spell “remove disease.”

Your journey led on to “The Misgivings,” Foxglove Manor. It was a pitiful, rundown mansion situated with a fantastic view of the Varisian Gulf. Working your way into the manor, you soon found out that it had been owned by many crazy ancestors, along with the current owner, Aldern Foxglove. And yes, the mansion was haunted. The hauntings had different effects but all were based on the failed attempt at the former owner Vorel Foxglove having failed to become a lich. The signs of the lich quest were apparent throughout the house. There had also been a series of murders within the family, due to a bit of evil and insanity. Eventually, you found the Revenant of the late Iesha Foxglove, Aldern’s wife. Luckily, you managed to not attack her and followed her to the basement and into some tunnels to the Skinsaw Man, Aldern Foxglove, who had become a dread ghoul. With the Revenant’s assistance, you killed the ghoul formerly known as Aldern Foxglove.

During the entire adventure, there were multiple references to Var. Apparently, Aldern was quite jealous with his success, skills, and abilities. Who’s going to wear the cameo of Var? The Sihedron seven-pointed star was very prevalent, especially being carved into the chests of the murdered victims. Note that all the murder victims had some type of sin committed by each of them.

Clues indicate that you should journey to the city of Magnimar and investigate the Foxglove townhouse there. You found a keychain with two keys, probably providing access to the house.

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter – Blake (physically missing – character present)
Messi – elven rogue – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard – Chris
Var – human cleric – Kendall
Ironbottom – dwarf fighter – Bill
Kefkolo – half-elf druid – Kirk

The Clock
Time passed: 14 days (from identify & R&R), then 2 days
Total game time since campaign start: 38 days
Experience points per person: 4750 (I gave a bonus to ensure you are closer to needed encounters coming up)
If applicable (duh, all those that attended), please level up your characters, then send me a copy.

Party loot:
? war razor
? ring
? ring
? mask
? wand
34 bags of silver pieces (100sp each – total 3400)
scarf, Iesha’s 100 gp
painting of Iesha 200 gp
noble’s outfit 200 gp
cameo of Var 100 gp
Aldern’s keys (2) – small silver key ring (10 gp), tarnished iron key with opal (100 gp) and small bronze key with three notched blades with the head of a roaring lion

Body Count:
ghouls (29) – four of which were goblins
multiple hauntings (7)
Aldern Foxglove – dread ghoul
Iesha Foxglove – revenant (smart enough to not attack)
Grayst (insane thug, infected with ghoul fever)
2 innocent farmers (slaughtered, infected with ghoul fever)
Total 41
Total since start of campaign: 227
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Messi would link to know more particulars about the magic items found; the war razor, the two rings, and the Mask of Var. The magic Mask of Var might come in useful in the future if Aldern’s obsession with Var turns out not to be personal, but part of some bigger plot. To Messi, the wand is of no great interest, merely another stick for Mykel’s bandolier of sticks.

He believes that Ironbottom might be the perfect candidate to wear the Cameo of Var. He has grunted often about how he secretly harbors a certain umm curiosity about getting a grip on Var’s little beard, so neatly trimmed, so clean, so undwarven. Seriously, though, we should keep this cameo for future possible use.

Messi will also take the keys to the locksmith’s shoppe where he works part-time, to see if Volioker can tell him anything special about the keys and the locks they might fit based on their appearance or construction. We need not sell the opal from the keys yet, we can first take them to Magnimar. The opal may be more than just a decoration.

Otherwise, sell the rest of the lot and divvy it up. Messi is looking for some particular items to enhance his life, perhaps with enough money he can buy one in Magnimar, as these are too rare or specialized to be found in a city of Sandpoint’s size. Mithral Chain Shirt … MW or Mithral Buckler Shield … Magic Shortsword(s) in exchange for a Magic Longsword and a MW Shortsword … Magic Rapier …


Just a note, the war razors for some reason require an exotic weapon proficiency, so unless you’ve got that, it’s probably just not worth keeping.


I guess exotic because you don’t wield it like you would a dagger, you use sweeping, slashing motions. It is magical … perhaps it also gives +1 shaves?

Messi can’t use it, really no one is skilled with it. So, perhaps sell it off for party cash? Maybe we should first check it to see whether or not the enchantment on it is purely a +1 enhancement. Or, is this razor also imbued with some other darker quality related to the adventure? (e.g. when The Skinsaw Man used it to carve Sihedrons in the dead people’s chests, was there also some kind of curse placed on them by the blade as well?) Or, am I overthinking this?

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