Rise of the Runelords

Placeholder for game 11/2/14


Placeholder for game 11/2/14

Clues indicate that you should journey to the city of Magnimar and investigate the Foxglove townhouse there. You found a keychain with two keys, probably providing access to the house.

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter (5) – Blake
Messi – elf rogue (5) – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard (5) – Chris
Var – human cleric (5) – Kendall
Ironbottom – dwarf fighter (4) – Bill
Kefkolo – half-elf druid (4) – Kirk
Val – elf ranger (4) – Kevin

The Clock
Time passed: 8 or so
Total game time since campaign start: 38 days

Experience points per person: TBD
Please level up your characters, if due, then send me a copy. Save name as Name Class Level..

Party loot:
? war razor
other magic stuff

Body Count: {to be updated}
skinsaw men
faceless terror
The Scarecrow – flesh golem

Total 41
Total since start of campaign: 227+

[Feel free to add more information to this post]


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