Rise of the Runelords


Oh, oh, oh, Thistletop; you'll always be, home sweet home to me...

And so the trip to Thistletop began. It was just several miles down the road. A “chance” encounter with a goblin patrol started the mission. Lots of goblins were encountered. Too bad, there wasn’t a good fighter with cleave. Instead, there were two big burly, well, one short and stocky, fighters that couldn’t hit worth a darn. Good thing there was a rogue, cleric, and wizard to back you up.

Several encounters fighting in a four foot high hedge. Boy, a druid would have been really helpful here! A bunch of goblin refugees that Grunt decided to talk to! However, they were not in the mood. An opening in the thistle, and voila! A sixty foot long bridge across an eighty foot drop into the sea.

The party worked their way through the brush, until they came to the bridge, soon to be troubled waters. It was rigged, of course, and when the entire party decided to go across at once, it collapsed. The majority of the party didn’t fall, but Ironbottom decided to take a plunge into the bay. After some time, the goblins repaired the bridge and the party assaulted.

Luckily, the Thistletop goblins were not too attentive. A few more fights and they encountered the great warchief of the Thistletop tribe, Ripnugget. He and his henchmen stirred up a bit of a fight. Ironbottom used a new trick (trip) that he learned many years ago and it was quite effective. Messi was a bit bored so he left the room… and, then, decided to open a door unleashing six more goblins and attracted two more. Messi got really lucky, this time.

Many action points were depleted, even from those who had kept them since the beginning of time.

And now, two stairwells that descend into the tall, rocky island of Thistletop await.

PCs in attendance:

Messi – elven rogue – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard – Chris
Var – human cleric – Kendall
Grunt – half-orc fighter – Blake
Ironbottom – dwarven fighter – Bill

Time passed: 2 days
Total game time since campaign start: 17 days

Experience points per person: 1740

If applicable (duh, all those that attended), please level up your characters, then send me a copy.

Party loot: (magic)
? potions (5)
? wands (2)
? leather armor
? cloak
? dogslicer

Body Count:
goblin warriors 26
goblin commandos 5
goblin warchanter
Gogmurt, goblin druid
Tangletooth, leopard, druid companion
goblin dogs 12
Stickfoot, giant gecko
Ripnugget, goblin warchief
Total 48
Total since start of campaign: 123

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It’s not like a fighter gets to skillcheck something every day (and pass due to GM fiat I suspect :p). Never forget Grunt’s pony. Even if he sold it.

jrpettit jrpettit

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