Rise of the Runelords

Val - Round 2

Bio of a Space Tyrant

Well, our second round of hunting has come and gone, and I feel my skills are in definite need of Improvement. I was afraid to step into a fight. I am so used to attack from a distance with my Fathers bow . So much afraid that I fired into battle and brought down a member of our party when I missed my target and hit him.

That could have been the end of us. I could have brought death to my “friends” instead of to my enemies.

What does that mean about me. Am I so wrapped up in my vengeance that I can not see straight ?

All I know is, if I continue to fight like this, I very much need the skill to precisely choose and hit the target I want. Until that time, I need to improve the skills of the sword.


Good thing it wasn’t an “Arrow of TPK.”

Val - Round 2
jrpettit vinotamu

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