human wizard


I was orphaned at the age of 4 in the city of Golduria and was taken in by Master Selix a Master wizard at the Golduria School of Magic. Master Selix once told me that he saw something in my eyes that led him to see great potential in my eyes that day to
become a Wizard, if I survived my training and trials to come.

Master Selix was not unkind, but did demand that I work hard for my training, as I had no money to pay for my schooling. So Master Selix had me running errands, performing chores, and assisting with research around the school. I found that the discipline of magic easy to master and I quickly surpassed the otherstudents at the school most of whom came from rich families.

One such student, Viktor Valduzi had an immediate dislike for me stating that I was nothing but gutter trash. There were many interactions between the two of us where I usually came out on top and making Viktor swear to get even with me in the future.
At the age of 16 Master Selix finally gave his approval for me to be advanced to the first circle of Wizardry.

After earning enough money for the supplies I was able to summon my first familiar which was a Thrush named Ixtl. To my amazement Ixtl had an affinity for the draconic language which he speaks fluently. After a couple more years working for Master Selix, I decided that it was time to go out and see the world. So taking all that I had I have travelled around and now find myself in the cityof Sandpoint looking to earn enough coin to continue my journeys.


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