elven ranger


Val was one of 2 twins born from 2 Woodland Elves, Her mother, Valeraphon, a Cleric of Erastil, and Meracal, a Fighter of some renown. Her brother , Mensai, was born just 10 minutes before her, but it was a 10 minutes that would change her life forever.
She remembers stories sitting around the hearth where her father and mother would tell tales of adventure. Tales of such great deeds that made her proud. She learned to recite the tail of how her father got his magic bow, the one hanging over the matel place, long before she could say much of anything else..

She was brought up in a very loving but traditional home. This meant that she was expected to learn the trade of women … that meant first and foremost wife and mother and home maker. Anything else was secondary. In the mean time, her brother was raised as a warrior and hunter and woodland guide. With all the perks and duties that go along with a first born. This, did not set well with Val. Having grown up with her brother Mensai, she was a firm believer that she was better than he. A better fighter with a bow, a better elf, a better heir.

To back up this belief she spent every spare minute in the woods learning the trade of Woodland Ranger. She practiced and practiced her work with a bow until she could hit targets no mater where they were hiding. She studied the ways of the rangers in order to hone her tracking and survival skills. And she learned the ways of the land and the animals to an almost Druid like perfection.

Secretly she hoped that one day all this would pay off and she would be made head of the house over her brother. Everyone has dreams.

One night while she was out practicing, the sound of battle and crying could be heard from the direction of her house. Armed with the bow she had made herself, she ran as fast as she could until she could see that a group of 5 Goblins were attacking her home … her family….

She ran as fast and as stealthy as she could. Trying her hardest not being seen or heard. As she approached, her mind set on the destruction of the Goblins , she saw her worst nightmares brought to life. Her Father and her Mother captured by the Goblins. Her brother was no where to be seen.

As she crept closer, she saw something that would stay with her forever. From behind the group of goblins is her brother. Standing there beaten and bleeding. The leader of the Goblins yells something at him, pushing a knife into his hands. Her brother looks down at the knife, up and the Goblin leader, and then reaches over and cuts the throat of his own mother. Her father screams in rage and lashes out at his son, injuring him and killing 2 of the goblins holding him until he is brought down by the remaining 3. Her brother, having bought his own life with the life of his Mother, slinks off into the woods.
This wa too much for Val. She takes up her bow and runs towards the group of goblins, With the ease of a nights practice she slays the remaining 3 and runs up to cradle the bodies of her parents in her arms.
But she is not thru. With the blood rage up on her, she goes into the house, takes her fathers Magic Bow off the mantle, and takes out after her brother.

His trail is not hard to track for her. She comes upon him wandering in the woods and without so much as a second of hesitation, she shoots him dead. Leaving the body to rot in the woods for the animals to feed on.

She calms down on the walk back home. In that time, she decides what she must do. She packs what supplies she can find in her house, puts her father’s Magic Bow on her back, arranges her parents bodies neatly in their beds, and walks out forever, never to look back.

Her new found goal in life … seek to destroy all goblin kind, wherever they hide.


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