Rise of the Runelords

Save the Women and Children and Skull's Crossing
Damn, the Dam's Broke

After a series… (in progress)

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter (8) – Blake
Messi – elf rogue (7) – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard (7) – Chris
Var – human cleric (8) – Kendall
Kefkolo – half-elf druid (7) – Kirk
Val – elf ranger (7) – Kevin
Ironbottom – dwarf fighter (7)- Bill

The Clock
Time passed: 31 days
Total game time since campaign start: 125 days

Experience points per person: 4700

Please level up your characters, if due, then send me a copy. Save file name as Name Class Level..

Party loot:
? boots (Messi wearing)
?pink lace gloves (Val wearing)
scroll – hold monster, cone of cold, telekinesis

6 100gp pearls
scroll tube w/ jade (~300gp)
emerald (~400gp)

Body Count:
nightbelly boa
black magga (humongous outsider)
Gorger & Chaw (ettin)
Malugus Kreeg (ogre barbarian)
ogres (4)
trolls (4)
Grazuul (marine troll)
spectre (black arrow)

rescued kids & nurse
saved the dam (for now)
Total 14
Total since start of campaign: 263+

[Feel free to add more information to this post]

Fort Rannick - Assault from the Inside
Darn, those Ogres sure have a lot of hit points

After a bit of discussion, the adventurers decided to trek back to the big city. The party took the remaining three Black Arrows to safety to a temple in Magnimar. Shalelu decided to stay with her stepfather while he recovered. The party proceeded to retrofit and get some items identified. The maps prepared by the Black Arrows were excellent in their construction. The party had all the information they thought they needed to succeed in retaking Fort Rannick. They spotted Ironbottom in a pub while in town, but he was too far wasted to be any help. All he said is that he had “appointments” that he had to take care of.

The party entered the jail, not expecting anything but encountering Lucretia, the lamia matriarch from Magnimar. She failed to escape this time.

Before entering the Fort, Messi set ablaze a fire in the barracks out in the courtyard. The spark was set, and the assault began.

As Messi and Mykel returned from the front door of the keep, after setting an Arcane Lock to slow courtyard ogres, they stumbled upon some ogres. Messi quickly showed his Sihedron Medallion, convincing them that he was looking for the boss. Down the other end of the hall, Val was looking down the hall. As the ogre was “taking them to your leader,” he saw Val and called out to her. She luckily had just taken the other Medallion and promptly showed it to the ogre. This ogre took the trio of adventurers upstairs to the ogre chieftain, opening the door for them to enter. Messi decided it was time for a surprise and the battle ensued.

Mykel used a bunch of scorching rays effectively along with a web spell that worked but also split the party. Messi went down when an expected ogre fighter and the ogre sorceress decided to join the fun. Mykel went down shortly thereafter. Kefkolo called a bunch of lightning down, round after round. Val took a five part magic missile in the head dropping unconscious. Val’s wolf, Wolfenstein, was killed along with Kefkolo’s ape, Alexander. It seemed like every couple of rounds a door would open and another ogre would join the fray.

Downstairs, Var set new armor running records as he kited the ogre fighter around until there was some other party members available to help with the fight. Kefkolo finishes up the fight summoning 2 dire lions that absorbed the damage until Grunt could finish up the fight.
As the party quickly runs dragging the bodies of Mykel and Messi away from Fort Rannick, they pause to think as to what could easily have become a total party kill (TPK), but it wasn’t, due to a couple of last ditch dire lion summons from Kefkolo.

As the party quickly steals away through the tunnels and out into the wilds, they can see the smoke from the fire in the distance. [It appears that six ogres were killed in the making of the barracks fire.]

As the party makes its way back to the hidden horses, Kor (Grunt’s amazing two-handed sword) makes one last shout-out phrase before settling down. “That! was! glorious!” Grunt shrugs in response.

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter (7) – Blake
Messi – elf rogue (6) – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard (7) – Chris (Jerry played [& had killed, but not until he had killed himself off first])
Var – human cleric (7) – Kendall
Kefkolo – half-elf druid (6) – Kirk
Val – elf ranger (6) – Kevin

The Clock
Time passed: 18 days
Total game time since campaign start: 94 days

*Experience points per person: 5628 (so long as a PC was in a fight, even if they die, they get the experience points)

Please level up your characters, if due, then send me a copy. Save name as Name Class Level..

Party loot:
? rapier
? Wand
Sihedron Medallion
? potion (x3) – ogre fighters
? hide shirt (x3) – ogre fighters
? ogre hook (x3) – ogre fighters
? potion (x2) – chief
? ogre hook – chief
? bracers – chief
? belt – chief
? wand – sorceress
? amulet – sorceress
? cloak – sorceress

Body Count:
ogre (7)
ogre fighter (5)
ogre sorceress
lamia matriarch (Lucretia)
shocker lizards (14)

trap – collapsible bridge
Total 22
Total since start of campaign: 249+

[Feel free to add more information to this post]

Val's Ponderings
Change is Around Every Corner

One night while on watch after the battle in the farm house, while on watch, Val starts to think of her life and what it has meant.

From when she was young her life has been about revenge and ridding the world of the evil that attacked and killed her parents. There was no time for friends. There was only training and revenge. She had to always improve her killing skills. No time for friends or the social skills.

But lately ….. things have been changing. This group that she has been with . originally though of as only a tool in her revenge, have become more than that. They have become companions. Associates. Even friends. She has found herself doing things that she would never have done in the past. Working as a team. Agreeing to help others even when she did not want to. Even putting the goal of the group above any of her own. That just seemed unheard of in the past.

Not only that …. She finds the company of Mesi is growing on her…..

Retaking Rannick
The Meek Shall Overcome

Fort Rannick, as you discovered, has fallen. A notorious clan of ogres known as the Kreegs launched a devastating assault on the fort three weeks ago, an assault that left little doubt of treachery in the mind of the few survivors. Someone must have given the Kreegs detailed information about the fort’s defenses—the assault was too perfect in its execution and timing for any other explanation to make sense.

The three remaining Black Arrows rescued from the Grauls tell you how they arrived at the fort near the end of the battle, and that their attempt to retake the fort resulted in a disastrous rout that had the Black Arrow patrol fleeing for its life into Kreegwood. Their capture by the Grauls was practically guaranteed, but now that they’ve been rescued, the three Black Arrows are in need of support. You think that the three survivors should be able to answer any question about the Fort that you need answered.

Fort Rannick

Fort Rannick is located at the northern end of a wide valley that runs along the southern edge of the mountains. This bleak landscape stretches on for miles along the border between the mountains and Kreegwood. This rugged, forlorn landscape fits well with the morose and grim attitude of its guardians, the Order of the Black Arrow. The Black Arrows can provide the party with a detailed map of Fort Rannick, so you should be able to plan your invasion of the fort.

[Map of Fort Rannick below] The surviving Black Arrows can provide support as NPCs but there may be a penalty to experience points – your decision]


Grunt's Sadness
The Shattered Sword

As the party recovered after the final fight against the backwoods country ogrekins, Grunt pulled out the cloth bag with the shattered remains of his sword. The sword that had served him so faithfully for so long. They had been through much together.

“Son, what do you have there?” said Jakardros, the leader of the Black Arrows.

“What’s left of my sword, I had a little accident while attempting to finish off creatures in the farm house of Hell,” whispered Grunt.

“I know a guy,” said the ranger, “well, only the best smithy in Varisia. He could fix that, and,… well, after saving my life and reuniting me with my stepdaughter, I feel I owe you something. And Gino owes me. What do you think of that? Any interest?”

Hook Mountain Massacre P1
Dukes of Hazzard meets X-Files

The party took some time to rework magic items, craft some new ones, and Var took a trip to Sandpoint to make a donation. This time took 30 days towards the total time.

After some R&R, Lord Mayor Grobaras convinced you to take an expedition towards Fort Rannick to determine the state of the local garrison of Black Arrows. Fort Rannick is the farthest outpost of Magnimar and is in a bit of inhospitable country. Shalelu Andosana, the local ranger caught up with you before you left and wanted to go on this expedition. Come to find out, the leader of the Black Arrow contingent is her stepfather Jakardros Sovark.

After a short week trip via river barge, you find yourself in Turtleback Ferry, a small thorp made up of farmers, hunters, trappers, and fisherman. You find out that the Black Arrows have been delinquent in visiting, so you set off north.

While crossing the old wooden bridge, Messi hears the sounds of an animal in pain. Kefkolo rushes towards the sound, ape and Val’s wolf companion in tow. They find a brown bear, later found out to be Jakardros’’s animal companion trapped and being stalked by five Graul hounds and an ogrekin, Rukus Graul.

The bear, Kipp, leads the party to an old homestead farm, owned and operated by a family of ogrekin, led by a necromancer, Mammy, who was just plain nasty. After a series of fights, and traps (many not disarmed – and almost “disarming”), the homestead is again free. In the barn, the party recovered the remaining three surviving Black Arrows, Jakardros Sovark, Vale Temros, and Kaven Windstrike. The men are partially healed up and allowed to rest.

The Black Arrows can fully describe Fort Rannick (draw a map) with as much detail as can be remembered. More detail later about this.

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter (6) – Blake
Messi – elf rogue (6) – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard (6) – Chris
Var – human cleric (6) – Kendall
Kefkolo – half-elf druid (5) – Kirk
Val – elf ranger (5) – Kevin

The Clock
Time passed: 38 days
Total game time since campaign start: 76 days

Experience points per person: 5310, except Messi 4950

Please level up your characters, if due, then send me a copy. Save name as Name Class Level..

Party loot:
? spear
? belt
? ogre hook
? ring
? amulet
? potion
? scroll
? wand
? wand
? wand
? amulet
? idols 2
? potion
? ogre hook
? amulet

5 flasks of acid
3 MW thieves tools
jade ring (300)

Body Count:
Ogrekins 9
Ogrekin necromancer 1
Graul hounds (riding dogs) 5
donkey rats 2
“Big” zombies 3
Hugh F’ing spider 1
Tendriculo 1 (plant creature)
bunch of traps (no bodies here) – watch out for hand chopping bags

Total 22
Total since start of campaign: 249+

[Feel free to add more information to this post]

Placeholder for game 11/2/14

Placeholder for game 11/2/14

Clues indicate that you should journey to the city of Magnimar and investigate the Foxglove townhouse there. You found a keychain with two keys, probably providing access to the house.

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter (5) – Blake
Messi – elf rogue (5) – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard (5) – Chris
Var – human cleric (5) – Kendall
Ironbottom – dwarf fighter (4) – Bill
Kefkolo – half-elf druid (4) – Kirk
Val – elf ranger (4) – Kevin

The Clock
Time passed: 8 or so
Total game time since campaign start: 38 days

Experience points per person: TBD
Please level up your characters, if due, then send me a copy. Save name as Name Class Level..

Party loot:
? war razor
other magic stuff

Body Count: {to be updated}
skinsaw men
faceless terror
The Scarecrow – flesh golem

Total 41
Total since start of campaign: 227+

[Feel free to add more information to this post]

Murders, Mayhem, and the Misgivings (aka Foxglove Manor)
A Haunting We Will Go

Because the Sheriff was so busy, he asked you to investigate a murder, or in this case two sets of murders. He deputizes all of you so that there won’t be any question from the locals about you snooping around.

You check out the murder scene. It’s gruesome. One female body, Katrine Vinder, is found cut in half by the log splitter. The other one, Banny Harker found was mutilated with the seven-pointed Sihedron star carved into his chest. Oh yeah, his face was cut off, along with his jaw removed. A bloodied hand axe was found at the scene. The overpowering stench of death was apparent at the scene, along with muddy footprints to and from the sight.

You talked to the father of the girl, Ven Vinder, the owner of the general store. He was upset, rightly so. Also, there was Ibor Thorn, one of the two operators of the sawmill. During the investigation, you found out that Harker was “cooking the books,” stealing money from the Scarnetti’s, the family that owned the sawmill. They looked suspicious, but it turns out not related. The three bodies from the first murders were overshadowed by the Sihedron stars carved into their chests.

Setting out to visit the crazed body guard of the first murders, you discover that the thug had gotten ghoul fever. At this insane asylum, the Saintly Haven of Respite, Doctor Erin Habe, formerly of Magnimar, was a bit reluctant to let you see the crazy victim. Habe’s sanitorium only had two other “patients,” neither of which were very helpful. You eventually killed Grayst Sevilla, the insane ghoulized criminal bodyguard.

Investigating the Hambley farm revealed multiple ghouls, along with ghouls mounted as scarecrows. Oh yeah, and there were those two farmers infected with ghoul fever that you murdered for the public benefit. Just because you didn’t have a simple little third level spell “remove disease.”

Your journey led on to “The Misgivings,” Foxglove Manor. It was a pitiful, rundown mansion situated with a fantastic view of the Varisian Gulf. Working your way into the manor, you soon found out that it had been owned by many crazy ancestors, along with the current owner, Aldern Foxglove. And yes, the mansion was haunted. The hauntings had different effects but all were based on the failed attempt at the former owner Vorel Foxglove having failed to become a lich. The signs of the lich quest were apparent throughout the house. There had also been a series of murders within the family, due to a bit of evil and insanity. Eventually, you found the Revenant of the late Iesha Foxglove, Aldern’s wife. Luckily, you managed to not attack her and followed her to the basement and into some tunnels to the Skinsaw Man, Aldern Foxglove, who had become a dread ghoul. With the Revenant’s assistance, you killed the ghoul formerly known as Aldern Foxglove.

During the entire adventure, there were multiple references to Var. Apparently, Aldern was quite jealous with his success, skills, and abilities. Who’s going to wear the cameo of Var? The Sihedron seven-pointed star was very prevalent, especially being carved into the chests of the murdered victims. Note that all the murder victims had some type of sin committed by each of them.

Clues indicate that you should journey to the city of Magnimar and investigate the Foxglove townhouse there. You found a keychain with two keys, probably providing access to the house.

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter – Blake (physically missing – character present)
Messi – elven rogue – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard – Chris
Var – human cleric – Kendall
Ironbottom – dwarf fighter – Bill
Kefkolo – half-elf druid – Kirk

The Clock
Time passed: 14 days (from identify & R&R), then 2 days
Total game time since campaign start: 38 days
Experience points per person: 4750 (I gave a bonus to ensure you are closer to needed encounters coming up)
If applicable (duh, all those that attended), please level up your characters, then send me a copy.

Party loot:
? war razor
? ring
? ring
? mask
? wand
34 bags of silver pieces (100sp each – total 3400)
scarf, Iesha’s 100 gp
painting of Iesha 200 gp
noble’s outfit 200 gp
cameo of Var 100 gp
Aldern’s keys (2) – small silver key ring (10 gp), tarnished iron key with opal (100 gp) and small bronze key with three notched blades with the head of a roaring lion

Body Count:
ghouls (29) – four of which were goblins
multiple hauntings (7)
Aldern Foxglove – dread ghoul
Iesha Foxglove – revenant (smart enough to not attack)
Grayst (insane thug, infected with ghoul fever)
2 innocent farmers (slaughtered, infected with ghoul fever)
Total 41
Total since start of campaign: 227
[Feel free to add more information to this post]

Flame is the Cleanser, Flame is the Cleanser ...
... Flame is the Cleanser

So, Messi asks the party as they come back to ground level from the labyrinth below, carrying the corpse of the evil one, “Should be burn this whole rotted, stinking, evil place to the ground before we go back to Sandpoint?” He continues, “I already know that his corpse is gonna become ashes before I leave here. Ooh, look at the shiny rings, this one is sort of precious looking ….”

He offers to try to find out more about the two keys we found on the table in his lair, the iron key with the inset opal and the long shanked brass key with the three blades, when he returns to the locksmith shoppe. While he’s doing that, the party needs to tell the sheriff and mayor what we found and what has happened, the farmers being mutilated, the evil at Foxglove Manor, the apparently ongoing evil plot by persons yet unknown. Perhaps without telling any of the prominent families of Sandpoint, one of them may be involved. After all, one of them already was involved with the goblin incursions.

And, identify the wand and shiny, shiny, rings.

I think we earned some more downtime, perhaps 2, 3, or even 4 weeks worth. Try to slip in a game before Thanksgiving? I’m available Oct. 26, and Nov. 2, 9, and 16. Actually, Nov. 1, 8, and 15 for that matter.

Murders at Sandpoint
Murder by Death or Mr. Lionel Train


About two weeks have passed (time negotiable) since you returned from dealing with Nualia and the goblins (oh, yeah, and the barghest). You’ve had some time to rest now. After all the help you have given him and the aid in defending Sandpoint, it’s obvious that Sheriff Hemlock sees you as strong allies for Sandpoint.

Sheriff Hemlock’s Plea

One evening, you are approached by a sullen and grim-faced Sheriff Hemlock, the commander of Sandpoint’s guards and the primary voice of law for much of the Lost Coast.

You are invited to a private dinner the following evening. You find yourselves in a private room at Town Hall with Kendra Devlin, the mayor and Sheriff Hemlock. The sheriff speaks.

“First, let me thank you again for all you’ve done for Sandpoint. It’s fortunate that you’ve proven yourselves so capable, because we’ve a problem that I think you can help us with—a problem that I wish I didn’t have to involve anyone with, but one that needs dealing with now before the situation grows worse.

Put simply, we have a murderer in our midst—one who, I fear, has only begun his work. Some of you doubtless remember the Late Unpleasantness, how this town nearly tore itself apart in fear as Chopper’s slayings went on unanswered. I’m afraid we might have something similar brewing now. “Last night, the murderer struck at the sawmill. There are two victims, and they’re… they’re in pretty gruesome shape. The bodies were discovered by one of the mill workers, a man named Ibor Thorn, and by the time my men and I arrived on the scene, a crowd of curious gawkers had already sprung up. I’ve got my men stationed there now, keeping the mill locked down, but the thing that bothers me isn’t the fact that we have two dead bodies inside. It’s the fact that this is actually the second set of murders we’ve had in the last few days. [ominous music sounds in the background, perhaps a sinister laugh]

I come to you for help in this matter—my men are good, but they are also green. They were barely able to handle themselves against the goblins, and what we’re facing now is an evil far worse than goblins. I need the help. But I’m afraid you’ll need the help too. You see, I’m afraid that this particular murderer knows one of you as well.”

The sheriff then passes a bloodstained scrap of parchment to Var. The paper is folded and Var’s name is written in blood on the outside. Inside is written a short message. “We have spoken of this before, my master. Now it begins. Join the Pack and it will end.” It is signed, “Your Lordship.”

“This note,” the Sheriff continues, “was found pinned to the sleeve of the latest victim by a splinter of wood.” He pauses, “I know that you (looking at the party), had nothing to do with the murders, but if the word of this gets out, I’m afraid that the town may not be so understanding, so please be quiet as possible about the murders.”

The Leads

Before you race off, the Sheriff runs the current list of clue by you. He deputizes you all, saying that the best possible minds and resources will be focused on solving the murders, leaving him and his guards to the task of keeping Sandpoint from erupting in a panic. He promises all the support he can give, but again emphasizes the need for keeping the investigations quiet for the town’s sake.

Sandpoint Lumber Mill: The most recent murders took place here—the bodies are still present, and little has been done with the crime scene itself. Sheriff Hemlock suggests that this be the first place the PCs investigate, since he would like to clean the mill up right away and get the bodies buried.

Ibor Thorn: Sheriff Hemlock has interrogated Ibor, the man who discovered the bodies, and doesn’t suspect the frightened miller knows much more.

Ven Vinder: This merchant is sheriff Hemlock’s only suspect, although the sheriff is fairly certain that Ven is innocent and that the murders were committed by someone else.

The First Murders: Three con men from the town of Galduria were found murdered in an abandoned barn south of town a few days ago—their bodyguard survived the assault but has gone insane and is being kept at a nearby sanatorium.

The Rune: The star carved on Harker’s chest certainly has significance to the killer, but Hemlock’s at a loss as to what it means. Perhaps an expert on runes can be consulted?


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