Rise of the Runelords

Grunt's Sadness

The Shattered Sword

As the party recovered after the final fight against the backwoods country ogrekins, Grunt pulled out the cloth bag with the shattered remains of his sword. The sword that had served him so faithfully for so long. They had been through much together.

“Son, what do you have there?” said Jakardros, the leader of the Black Arrows.

“What’s left of my sword, I had a little accident while attempting to finish off creatures in the farm house of Hell,” whispered Grunt.

“I know a guy,” said the ranger, “well, only the best smithy in Varisia. He could fix that, and,… well, after saving my life and reuniting me with my stepdaughter, I feel I owe you something. And Gino owes me. What do you think of that? Any interest?”


Grunt looks at Jakardros with incredulity.

‘Am I interested? Am I INTERESTED?!’ he bellows.

‘If I were to pluck out one of your eyes, would you be interested in having it back? If I were to pull off an arm, would you be interested being whole again? This sword has been my constant companion, my sole friend, in a world set against me. It is with THIS blade I prove my worth, not as a monster, a half orc spawn of a rapist, but as a man…’

Grunt picks up the grizzled old human, gives him a brief shake "Am I interested? I would move a mountain to have my sword back’ and crushes him in a vast bear hug.

Grunt's Sadness

“Hey, set me down please, son, I’m getting over some major injuries here, besides the possibility of adding a couple new broken ribs,” replied Sovark.

Kipp, his now reunited black bear animal companion, opened both eyes, lifted its head, and looked around, before returning back to dozing.

“Gino, the man, or should I say, dwarf, is a mountain of his own. He’s a bit crusty, but a hell of a blacksmith. I will tell you where he is in Magnimar and will give you something to remind him of what he owes me. If anyone in this world can fix your sword, he can!”
Grunt's Sadness

Jakardros Sovark continues, “Gino Hammerthrower has a small smithy in the Bridgeward located…(details here on how to find him) and that’s where you’ll get your baby fixed. Now remember, he’s pretty crusty and he’ll pretend that he doesn’t know what you are talking about with me saving his butt years ago, but…” Jakardros reaches into his tunic and pulls out a near mint Thassilonian gold piece and hands it to Grunt. “Show him this and he’ll take care of you.”

Grunt's Sadness

Grunt eyeballs the gold piece but shrugs and tucks it safely away after some more (slightly less) exuberant thanks.

It’s safe to say that anyone who steals that gold piece is in for a world of hurt, friend or foe.

Grunt's Sadness
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