Rise of the Runelords

Hook Mountain Massacre P1

Dukes of Hazzard meets X-Files

The party took some time to rework magic items, craft some new ones, and Var took a trip to Sandpoint to make a donation. This time took 30 days towards the total time.

After some R&R, Lord Mayor Grobaras convinced you to take an expedition towards Fort Rannick to determine the state of the local garrison of Black Arrows. Fort Rannick is the farthest outpost of Magnimar and is in a bit of inhospitable country. Shalelu Andosana, the local ranger caught up with you before you left and wanted to go on this expedition. Come to find out, the leader of the Black Arrow contingent is her stepfather Jakardros Sovark.

After a short week trip via river barge, you find yourself in Turtleback Ferry, a small thorp made up of farmers, hunters, trappers, and fisherman. You find out that the Black Arrows have been delinquent in visiting, so you set off north.

While crossing the old wooden bridge, Messi hears the sounds of an animal in pain. Kefkolo rushes towards the sound, ape and Val’s wolf companion in tow. They find a brown bear, later found out to be Jakardros’’s animal companion trapped and being stalked by five Graul hounds and an ogrekin, Rukus Graul.

The bear, Kipp, leads the party to an old homestead farm, owned and operated by a family of ogrekin, led by a necromancer, Mammy, who was just plain nasty. After a series of fights, and traps (many not disarmed – and almost “disarming”), the homestead is again free. In the barn, the party recovered the remaining three surviving Black Arrows, Jakardros Sovark, Vale Temros, and Kaven Windstrike. The men are partially healed up and allowed to rest.

The Black Arrows can fully describe Fort Rannick (draw a map) with as much detail as can be remembered. More detail later about this.

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter (6) – Blake
Messi – elf rogue (6) – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard (6) – Chris
Var – human cleric (6) – Kendall
Kefkolo – half-elf druid (5) – Kirk
Val – elf ranger (5) – Kevin

The Clock
Time passed: 38 days
Total game time since campaign start: 76 days

Experience points per person: 5310, except Messi 4950

Please level up your characters, if due, then send me a copy. Save name as Name Class Level..

Party loot:
? spear
? belt
? ogre hook
? ring
? amulet
? potion
? scroll
? wand
? wand
? wand
? amulet
? idols 2
? potion
? ogre hook
? amulet

5 flasks of acid
3 MW thieves tools
jade ring (300)

Body Count:
Ogrekins 9
Ogrekin necromancer 1
Graul hounds (riding dogs) 5
donkey rats 2
“Big” zombies 3
Hugh F’ing spider 1
Tendriculo 1 (plant creature)
bunch of traps (no bodies here) – watch out for hand chopping bags

Total 22
Total since start of campaign: 249+

[Feel free to add more information to this post]


Messi arrives late and says, “So, how’d it go with the plant creature? An easy kill ‘cause it doesn’t use an ogre hook?”
He adds," By my reckoning we have the following magic items to identify: Spear and Belt that Grunt is using, a Ring, 3 Amulets, 2 Ogre Hooks, 2 Potions, a Scroll, 3 Wands, and 2 Idols. We also have 5 flasks of liquid from the workshop upstairs that aren’t magical. Was there anything else of note in the basement?"
Lastly, metagamed, “Hmm, too bad Grunt hasn’t leveled up yet, then he could practice with an ogre hook and become proficient in this exotic weapon …”

Hook Mountain Massacre P1

Ha. From a metagame perspective, I doubt it would be a good return on investment to use a feat for an ogre hook. It’s not IC for grunt anyway, really. Plus even at level 7, all a fighter gets is +bab and HP.

Oh, and TWO SKILL POINTS. That’s right.

Hook Mountain Massacre P1

Ogre hook – I think not, unless the weapons are +4… Two big skill points and a BAB of about a billion.

I told you above about the flasks. They are acid – have to look up the specs.

Pearls for identification are going to be hard to find in the hamlet of Turtleback Ferry. A trip to Magnimar would be needed.

Burning the homestead is a good option. Just let me know if this is what you want to do.

Hook Mountain Massacre P1
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