Rise of the Runelords

Val's Ponderings

Change is Around Every Corner

One night while on watch after the battle in the farm house, while on watch, Val starts to think of her life and what it has meant.

From when she was young her life has been about revenge and ridding the world of the evil that attacked and killed her parents. There was no time for friends. There was only training and revenge. She had to always improve her killing skills. No time for friends or the social skills.

But lately ….. things have been changing. This group that she has been with . originally though of as only a tool in her revenge, have become more than that. They have become companions. Associates. Even friends. She has found herself doing things that she would never have done in the past. Working as a team. Agreeing to help others even when she did not want to. Even putting the goal of the group above any of her own. That just seemed unheard of in the past.

Not only that …. She finds the company of Mesi is growing on her…..


She still ain’t getting hold of those Arrows of Elf Slaying …

Val's Ponderings
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