Rise of the Runelords

Fort Rannick - Assault from the Inside

Darn, those Ogres sure have a lot of hit points

After a bit of discussion, the adventurers decided to trek back to the big city. The party took the remaining three Black Arrows to safety to a temple in Magnimar. Shalelu decided to stay with her stepfather while he recovered. The party proceeded to retrofit and get some items identified. The maps prepared by the Black Arrows were excellent in their construction. The party had all the information they thought they needed to succeed in retaking Fort Rannick. They spotted Ironbottom in a pub while in town, but he was too far wasted to be any help. All he said is that he had “appointments” that he had to take care of.

The party entered the jail, not expecting anything but encountering Lucretia, the lamia matriarch from Magnimar. She failed to escape this time.

Before entering the Fort, Messi set ablaze a fire in the barracks out in the courtyard. The spark was set, and the assault began.

As Messi and Mykel returned from the front door of the keep, after setting an Arcane Lock to slow courtyard ogres, they stumbled upon some ogres. Messi quickly showed his Sihedron Medallion, convincing them that he was looking for the boss. Down the other end of the hall, Val was looking down the hall. As the ogre was “taking them to your leader,” he saw Val and called out to her. She luckily had just taken the other Medallion and promptly showed it to the ogre. This ogre took the trio of adventurers upstairs to the ogre chieftain, opening the door for them to enter. Messi decided it was time for a surprise and the battle ensued.

Mykel used a bunch of scorching rays effectively along with a web spell that worked but also split the party. Messi went down when an expected ogre fighter and the ogre sorceress decided to join the fun. Mykel went down shortly thereafter. Kefkolo called a bunch of lightning down, round after round. Val took a five part magic missile in the head dropping unconscious. Val’s wolf, Wolfenstein, was killed along with Kefkolo’s ape, Alexander. It seemed like every couple of rounds a door would open and another ogre would join the fray.

Downstairs, Var set new armor running records as he kited the ogre fighter around until there was some other party members available to help with the fight. Kefkolo finishes up the fight summoning 2 dire lions that absorbed the damage until Grunt could finish up the fight.
As the party quickly runs dragging the bodies of Mykel and Messi away from Fort Rannick, they pause to think as to what could easily have become a total party kill (TPK), but it wasn’t, due to a couple of last ditch dire lion summons from Kefkolo.

As the party quickly steals away through the tunnels and out into the wilds, they can see the smoke from the fire in the distance. [It appears that six ogres were killed in the making of the barracks fire.]

As the party makes its way back to the hidden horses, Kor (Grunt’s amazing two-handed sword) makes one last shout-out phrase before settling down. “That! was! glorious!” Grunt shrugs in response.

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter (7) – Blake
Messi – elf rogue (6) – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard (7) – Chris (Jerry played [& had killed, but not until he had killed himself off first])
Var – human cleric (7) – Kendall
Kefkolo – half-elf druid (6) – Kirk
Val – elf ranger (6) – Kevin

The Clock
Time passed: 18 days
Total game time since campaign start: 94 days

*Experience points per person: 5628 (so long as a PC was in a fight, even if they die, they get the experience points)

Please level up your characters, if due, then send me a copy. Save name as Name Class Level..

Party loot:
? rapier
? Wand
Sihedron Medallion
? potion (x3) – ogre fighters
? hide shirt (x3) – ogre fighters
? ogre hook (x3) – ogre fighters
? potion (x2) – chief
? ogre hook – chief
? bracers – chief
? belt – chief
? wand – sorceress
? amulet – sorceress
? cloak – sorceress

Body Count:
ogre (7)
ogre fighter (5)
ogre sorceress
lamia matriarch (Lucretia)
shocker lizards (14)

trap – collapsible bridge
Total 22
Total since start of campaign: 249+

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Grunt is planning on having a long conversation with Kor about just what he can do, since pillars of fire, and explosions, are a bit shocking. He still doesn’t really get the whole ‘talking sword’ thing, but it’s his sword, and so far Kor seems like-able, and hasn’t tried to suck out his soul yet.


Grunt also thinks that, hands down, the druid summoning those two lions was the thing that saved everyone, and turned a disastrous rout into (mostly) victory. Without his quick thinking we would have all died there today.


Out of character, I’m wondering if this game mechanic of everyone having maximum HP is such a good thing. I’m concerned that the monsters seem to scale faster than the PCs. Monsters are 10d12 or more + big Con bonuses. PCs are 7d6. They can bring us to zero HP in one attack. Even three of us mobbing one monster (170+ HP) can take many rounds to kill one. Not complaining, just wondering if it truly is even for both sides. For example, a PC at 4th level with 12 Con has an average HP of (6+1) max at 1st level + 3d6+3 = 20, and would have a maximum of 28 HP. A monster of 3 HD more than PC level with a 16 Con would have an average of 7d12 + 21 = 66 HP and a maximum of 105 HP. Now, going three levels higher, the PC gains 14 more to his average for 34 HP and 21 more to his max, for 49 HP. But the 10 HD monster goes from an average of 66 to 10d12 + 30 = 95 with his max value growing from 105 to a whopping 150 HP.


DM Comment.

Most monsters are still d8 hit dice. The normal ogres you fought were 4d8+11 (max 43), the ogre fighters were 4d8+5d10+45 (max 137 – screwed up used 127 hp). Remember, they were 5th level fighters, also. Ogres are CR3 encounter each, while the ogre fighters were CR7 each. The boss ogres were CR9.

Remember that an encounter is based on 4 PCs, so one ogre fighter would be an even encounter for a 7th level party of 4 PCs. You had 6 PCs.

PCs are not all d6. A rogue is d6 and the wizard is a d4. Everyone else is a d8 or d10 in your party. The average is probably d8 at level 6 1/2. The PCs also tend to have higher armor classes (some exceptions on boss monsters, of course).

If the party wouldn’t have been split, I don’t think the encounters would have been so damaging / deadly. The party ended up fighting a series of encounters that probably ended up being encounter level 14 or so. This was why the fight was deadly.

If everyone wants to re-roll their hit points next game or go to average hit points per dice, I’m fine. I will go back to average monster hit points. Just remember that more and more of the encounters will be impacted by saving throws and not necessarily hit points. I don’t care, I just want everyone to have fun. Maximum hit points was a simplification “feature.” Party’s decision on what they want to do.

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