Rise of the Runelords

Save the Women and Children and Skull's Crossing

Damn, the Dam's Broke

After a series… (in progress)

PCs in attendance:
Grunt – half-orc fighter (8) – Blake
Messi – elf rogue (7) – Jerry
Mykel – human wizard (7) – Chris
Var – human cleric (8) – Kendall
Kefkolo – half-elf druid (7) – Kirk
Val – elf ranger (7) – Kevin
Ironbottom – dwarf fighter (7)- Bill

The Clock
Time passed: 31 days
Total game time since campaign start: 125 days

Experience points per person: 4700

Please level up your characters, if due, then send me a copy. Save file name as Name Class Level..

Party loot:
? boots (Messi wearing)
?pink lace gloves (Val wearing)
scroll – hold monster, cone of cold, telekinesis

6 100gp pearls
scroll tube w/ jade (~300gp)
emerald (~400gp)

Body Count:
nightbelly boa
black magga (humongous outsider)
Gorger & Chaw (ettin)
Malugus Kreeg (ogre barbarian)
ogres (4)
trolls (4)
Grazuul (marine troll)
spectre (black arrow)

rescued kids & nurse
saved the dam (for now)
Total 14
Total since start of campaign: 263+

[Feel free to add more information to this post]


No new levels for Messi and Ironbottom. We remain as clever and deadly as in the last game.

jrpettit jrpettit

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