Persons of Interest

First Encountered in Chapter One Burnt Offerings

Aldern Foxglove (deceased – twice) (aka the Skinsaw Man) – rescued from goblin attack, took party on boar hunt, shows great interest in the party and especially the young bard, Novennia (too bad she ran off), he also seems to be a bit envious of Var, the one he seems to “know it all”. He was turned into a dread ghoul and murdered many sinful people in the town of Sandpoint. He marked the chests of his victims with the Sihedron star.

Ameiko Kaijitsu – proprietor of Rusty Dragon, rescued her from her crazy brother from the Sandpoint Glassworks

Belor Hemlock – Sheriff of Sandpoint and garrison commander

Bruthazmus (deceased) – male bugbear ranger, Nualia’s bodyguard, liked to spend time with the Thistletop goblin wives in the harem

Erylium (deceased) – female quasit thaumaturge of Lamashtu

Ezakien Tobyn (deceased), Sandpoint’s previous religious leader, Father Tobyn raised Nualia. Body was stolen from Sandpoint Boneyard by goblins.

Kendra Deverin – Mayor of Sandpoint

Lyrie Akenja (deceased) – female human wizard, minion of Nualia, loved cats

Malfeshnekor (very much alive) – Male advanced elite greater barghest, was released by the party into the world after having been trapped for many, many years, nearly insane with rage and hunger

Nualia Tobyn (deceased) – female aasimar fighter / cleric of Lamashtu, raised by Father Tobyn, alleged arson of former Cathedral, unearthly beauty, commanded the raids on Sandpoint

Orik Vandercasken – male human fighter, mercenary and one of Nualia’s body guards, beat up and turned in to the magistrate?

Shalelu Andosana, local bounty hunter, survivalist, ranger, goblin expert

Tsuto Kaijitsu (deceased) – half-elf rogue / monk, found leading goblins, took over family business Sandpoint Glassworks

First Encountered in Chapter Two

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Persons of Interest

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